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I’m excited!

A mate and I have started writing emails for businesses, to entertain, inform and entice their database of customers (www.hornswoodexpress.com.au).

Imagine “Hornswood Pool Shop” (not real) sending emails to their customers a few times a year.

When it comes to punchy writing that customers will actually read, the owners of the pool shop are really good at… pools.

Their emails were accurate and informative… and also boring… and nondescript. Sadly they were doomed to be deleted, unread. 

The pools they serviced had perfect pH levels, but their customer-communications perished, unloved and unopened.

But now, their campaigns are worshiped by the people.

They are opened. They are read! Digested! Discussed! Cherished! 

They work. They are held aloft, like the Life of Brian shoe or the fat little Lion King.

At the moment we are really… low-tariff, because we are just starting out. We actually do our first brilliantly written email drop for clients, for free! 

If you know any businesses who could benefit from having wonder and awe sent out to their database, check out http://www.hornswoodexpress.com.au and you will allow me to continue claiming at parties, that I am in fact, a writer.



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