Four of my Hornswood (the sexy little suburbs between Hornsby and Chatswood) mates and I were sitting in an indoor spa, drinking afternoon beers. Yes, yes I know it’s always a risk drinking ales while sitting with blokes in a relatively small volume of moving water, but the toilet was right there so I was confident it was ok.

We were all staying at a golf resort for the weekend with our wives. “Hatchet”, one of our mates actually owns a house there and is the sort of guy who never likes to break any rules. Because of this, it took a long time to convince him to join us in pointedly ignoring the NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE POOL AREA sign that was clearly posted. Eventually, since there was nobody else around and he knew we were going to do it anyway, he just went with the flow.

We could see through the glass wall to the gym where Hatchet’s twenty-one-year-old son was pushing weights and doing an insane workout.

Now this kid is a beast! He’s a monster. Strong as an ox, plays Rugby in the front row in France. Massive barrel chest and shoulders, huge arms, you get the picture.

I stepped out of the spa and moved towards our strategically hidden Esky, the contents of which were rapidly diminishing. As I did so, considering the comment I was about to make I did my best to suck in my expansive gut. But alas, as we had consumed so many beverages it just wasn’t going anywhere. Damn it.

Double point

Me (pointing towards Hatchet’s Greek God-built son) – “You know lads, Hatchet’s kid over there actually models his physique on mine!” With a smile I pointed to the man-mountain pumping iron.

Quick as a flash my mate Danger replied with a smirk – “He’s not doing a very good job then!

Another mate – “I don’t think he’s eating enough carbs!

Yet another – “He’s gotta cut out the cardio too!

And one more – “His core work needs to stop!

They all laughed. Loudly! For a long time. Insensitive bastards.

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